Why choose The Cheer Expo?

Fair And Honest Judging, No Stay To Play, Program Cash Prizes, and On Time QUALITY Experiences.

What is The Cheer Expo Vision?

We hope to provide memorable experiences where everyone feels like a champion.

What is The Cheer Expo mission?

At The Cheer Expo, our mission is to promote competition and grow the sport of All-Star Cheerleading in a fair and honest manner.

Does The Cheer Expo Require Stay to Play?

The Cheer Expo does not require customers to stay at the host hotel(s) in order to participate. Gym owners and families are free to stay anywhere!

Does The Cheer Expo have prep divisions?


Does The Cheer Expo have dance divisions?

Yes! Our dance divisions will compete on a spring floor and be scored by the same judging panel as the cheer divisions.

What is MotUS?

The MotUS Vault is a stress-free tool to help you run your business. You don’t have to come up with handbooks, budgets, and other templates that are not your strength, we will provide it for you. Our knowledge and many experiences in the cheerleading, dance and gymnastic worlds will benefit you and your future.